Friday, June 28, 2013

PS 212 Videos

Here are the old videos from PS 212. If anyone has any others, feel free to share!

PS 212 Spring Musicale - 2012 Highlight Reel

PS 212 Spring Musicale Trailer - 2012

PS 212 Holiday Show - 2011

The 212 Tappers
PS 212 Holiday Show - 2010

"Someone Like You"
PS 212, The Garbage Pail Kids, 2012

"Alligator Man"
The Garbage Pail Kids, PS 212

"Lean on Me"
Fancy Pants, PS 212

"Come Together"
Fancy Pants, PS 212

"Respect Yourself"
The Garbage Pail Kids, PS 212

Guitar Chord Sheets

Basic Guitar Chord Sheets

Friday, June 21, 2013

Body Mapping Research Paper

Some of you have been asking how I got into Body Mapping, so, to that end, I share with you a paper I wrote last year for a masters class.  It tells the story of my music-related injury, and my journey to the discovery of this useful technique.

Some of you also asked for access to the images I show in class.  Here is that document: